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door and window installation south shore ma About Me and the Work I Do

When I began in carpentry, I never figured I'd see the day when I could advertise my business to reach thousands of people by sitting at a keyboard. but I guess the time has come to take advantage of the rise in technology.  I'm not a web designer by any stretch, so I'll keep it simple and basic.  This page is designed to explain my approach to the work itself from what I've learned over the years.

I've worked with many carpenters and tradesmen  and learned a lot from the good ones as well as the bad ones. I find that the best tradesmen are able to balance their work according to the situation and circumstances of the job at hand.  I've worked on a countless number of jobs and I can honestly say that each and every one is different. Some projects require great deal of  detail and precision, while others are carried out to meet a specific need such as a leaky roof or a barn door that won't close properly. To concentrate on and stick to the job at hand, with a minimum of side issues and extras, is a policy that I do my best to carry out.  If an issue or problem does occur, I call attention to it as soon as possible.

I've never had the desire to specialize in any one aspect of carpentry.  For most of my career I've done whatever type of carpentry project that needed to be done on a house from frame to finish.  It was a great way to learn the trade in all aspects and how they relate to each other.  These days, as I get older, some of those tasks are better off when left to the younger carpenters.  I've narrowed the scope of my work to project consulting and the relatively small types of carpentry projects pictured and outlined on this website. This allows me to completely focus and take full responsibility for what I do without the distraction of  having to manage the work of others. The end result is a better finished product for you and less headaches for me.  So without any bells and whistles, long-winded sales pitches or an autobiography of my carpentry experiences,  My only goal in writing this page to express my approach to the work I do and  the customers that I do it for.

That's about it for this page.  If you want further information on the work I do, just click on the link at the end of this paragraph, or at the top of the page, called: SERVICES

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