Complete Installation and Repair Services

Robert L. Glynn

design consultation Consultation on any Repair or Improvement

I provide consultation for any type of home remodeling or carpentry project to help in determining the advantages or disadvantages of proceeding with the project.  There are many factors to consider in making improvements and alterations to any home,  The most basic item to consider is whether or not the finished product will match the style and architecture of the home itself.  Any improvement that blends seamlessly with the existing home results in an increased property value.  Personally, I won't take on any project or provide any advice that I know will look foolish in the end.  The style of each and every house comes complete with a set of rules that should be followed. This shows  in my work as a carpenter and a consultant.

moisture problemsSound Advice for Solving Moisture  Problems

Moisture problems are common to many houses.  Some remain standing for hundreds of years and others are rotting away at fifty. The prime reason for this is that whoever built the house that rotted at fifty had no idea of how to keep moisture out.  Siding and windows can leak for years and years without showing any signs at all.  Foundation sills and rim joists can do the same.  A deck that has no flashing or is fastened tight to the house will attract termites and carpenter ants.  The "tried and true" methods of  keeping a house dry and giving it room to breathe seem to mostly be forgotten. There are still some carpenters that have a respect for their craft but the majority of builders simply aren't given the time.  I've seen and dealt with many of these problems.  The best remedy is to identify the cause and make the repair so that it can never happen again.

design consultantHelp With Kitchen and Bath Layouts

Many times home owners have an idea of what they'd like their new kitchen or bath to look like as far as style, woodwork, fixtures etc.  The salesman or the local home center is happy to provide a computer generated plan on what he thinks will work.  The problem is that he has most likely never installed a kitchen or bath in his life.  His job is only to sell a product and he bears no responsibility for the outcome.  Again, these projects are a big investment and should be well planned in regard to electrical, plumbing and the fixtures themselves.  As a carpenter, I've seen all kinds of mistakes in kitchen and bath projects.  My services as a consultant are geared toward keeping the problems of installation to an absolute minimum.

doors and windowsDoor and Window Install, Repair, Replace

Not much new to say about doors and windows.  There are more doors and windows on earth than people by a large margin.  I guess the point is that I provide the above service. and the work will be done by me.

Mouldings and Finish Trim

Fireplace Mantels, Ceiling Crown, Baseboards, Chair Rails, Wainscot etc. Installation of all shapes and styles. Just put your ideas together and let me know. If you need help with designs or ideas, I can usually suggest what will look right. Sometimes it is difficult making smooth transitions with the existing woodwork.  Let me know what you have in mind.

Bob Glynn 2013